A Buffet of Sensory Interventions by AAPC Publishing
A Buffet of Sensory Interventions by AAPC Publishing

A Buffet of Sensory Interventions by AAPC Publishing

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Does your middle or high school student struggle with sensory challenges?

A Buffet of Sensory Interventions Solutions for Middle and High School Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders offers a smorgasbord of sensory-based interventions for use by educators, occupational therapists, and parents. This practical and well-researched tool is unique because it focuses on middle and high school students, whose sensory needs are often overlooked. For this age group, the author emphasizes the importance of fostering independence, self-advocacy and self-regulation as a way to for teens with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to take ownership of their sensory needs as they transition into adulthood. 

Using simple terminology and illustrations, the book also:

  • Explains sensory basics
  • Describes the sensory systems
  • Discusses sensory challenges experienced by those with ASD  
  • Helps develop daily educational interventions through assessment of sensory needs. 

Parents and educational team members working with teens with ASD will benefit from adding this resource to their library.


This book promotes understanding and delivers solutions to address the sensory piece of the puzzle for many students. The word 'buffet' reflects abundant possibilities for teens, parents, administrators, teachers, therapists, and other health professionals. Susan has masterfully compiled helpful examples of everyday challenges; visuals portraying the sensory systems; proactive strategies to keep students self-regulated; and self-advocacy programs to assist teens in standing up for themselves.

-- Diana A. Henry, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA, Henry OT Services, Inc.

Finally sensory-based interventions targeted to middle and high school students with ASD! This 'buffet' of interventions is unique to teen development as it seeks a collaborative dialogue among providers, including assessment as well as input from the teen. It is sensitive to issues teens face daily in their school and social environments while dealing with sensory issues that can interfere with completing school-related tasks. It seeks to facilitate the teen with regard to recognizing his/her own sensory needs, becoming a self-advocate for modifications to the environment, and ultimately being able to self-regulate independently. In so doing it will maximize students' learning abilities.

--- Susan R. Collins, MS

A BUFFET OF SENSORY INTERVENTIONS: SOLUTIONS FOR MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS removes much of the mystery surrounding sensory issues in middle and high school students. This well-organized, easy-to-read book can be used by parents, school professionals, and other therapists who work with middle and high school students with sensory needs. Ms. Culp presents a wealth of sensory-based intervention strategies and offers ways in which to organize them throughout the day so as to most effectively assist students. I am excited to have a new resource to use in the classrooms in which I consult and in my office with the children and adolescents with whom I work. This is a must-read for anyone trying to help students survive the sensory challenges encountered in middle school and high school.

--- Lauren H. Kerstein, LCSW


Susan L. Culp, MS, OTR/L, is an occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics with over 14 years of experience in both school-based and home health settings. She has a B.S. in education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, as well as a B.S. in occupational therapy and an M.S. in special education (autism spectrum disorder) from the University of Kansas. Susan works with children of all capabilities and ages from preschool to 21 years old in a school-based setting. She is especially interested in helping children with sensory challenges, autism spectrum disorder, and developmental delays reach their full potential.