Potty Training 101! 3 simple tips to get your wee one going!

potty training for boys can be messy and stressful but with Toddler Target toilet training is easy, fun, and mess free! Toddlers of all ages love the fun, effective, efficient design!

Every parent at some point experiences some anxiety with potty training! Sometimes the thought alone is enough to shut the idea down before even giving it a go! Questions like... 'is he/she ready?' 'how long will potty training take?' 'what do I do if they are not interested?' 'how do we handle it when they have accidents?' and the list of concerns goes on and on.

We're here to remind you that when you walk into work, look around and notice that all of your co-workers have been successfully potty trained at some point in their life!! Haha!! Rest assured, that rather your child is 2 years old.... or 3 and a half.... YOU WILL GET THERE!!

Choosing the right time can be a challenge... Watch for signs from your child. As the saying goes! 'Curiosity killed the cat!' As much as toilet time can be a relief (pun intended!) for a parent; Letting your little one see you go will help to assure them that the loud, swishing, swirling, vortex of terror won't actually cause them any harm! Our little one's want to be grown ups just like us! So leave the door open for your toddler to wander in and see what "going" is all about... Let them help tear off the T.P. and maybe even pull the magical, shiny lever that makes things go whirling into the abyss! 

Once you're big guy is ready to try... Things can go haywire like a loose fire hose at full power... you get the visual! No one like the surprise of sitting down on a wet seat! Ick!

Thats where we come in!!

Introducing Toddler Target!! Rather 2 (or 42) Toddler Target can get your guy shooting with laser precision! (pun again!) So here are some helpful tips to get your little gun slinger to aim for the bullseye and become a pee pee sniper in no time!